Update ahead of Sale Sharks clash

Date: 4 Apr 2018

Director of rugby Dai Young provided a news update to BBC Coventry & Warwickshire, the Coventry Telegraph and the Times at a midweek press conference.

Sale Sharks preparations
"We trained against Nottingham on Monday which was great for us.

“It wasn't a full contact game but it was great to have good numbers to go against and we really enjoyed it. 

"They've got Bristol at the weekend, so it suited both clubs - they helped us and I like to think we helped them.

“That is a big part of what you miss when you haven't got numbers. Last Friday we had something like 18 training as we had boys doing A team runs as well as the lads with injuries, and there’s not a lot you can do.”

Fitness update
"We can't take any risks with players. The last things we want now is someone out for four to six weeks, as that's pretty much the season.

"We won’t risk playing anyone carrying soft tissue injuries and if they are carrying a little bit of a strain, which lots of players are this season, we're better off looking to play them for 30 minutes rather than 50.”


"Matt Mullan is back in the mix and Tommy Taylor is looking strong to go on the bench.

"We've given him that little bit of extra time since the last game and he's come through that.

"James Gaskell is going to be out for a number of weeks. He's not been ruled out for the season but he's certainly not looking great for the next month or so.”
Other injured forwards – Nathan Hughes, Ashley Johnson, Alex Rieder, Matt Symons.

"Dan Robson is fine, he had a bit of a bang on his knee and it just needed a bit of time to settle.

"Cips is OK, he had a bit of a strain on his Achilles but nothing to worry about.

"The only concern we have this week is Juan De Jongh. He's got a groin strain and hasn't trained in the early part of the week but we're hoping he will be fine.

"Marcus Watson is probably going to have an operation he is not getting any better at all.

"We were looking to rehab it, but it just wasn't responding so we're looking at an operation shortly to tidy all that up.”

Other injured backs – Brendan Macken, Rob Miller (Gaby Lovobalavu and Kyle Eastmond suspended)

Friday’s match
"Sale have plenty of threats and we haven’t won there for quite a few years.

“They are playing better now than ever. We know they've got a really decent pack and a very good driving lineout game that brings them lots of field position and points.

“They've also got some really exciting backs as they've shown in their last couple of games with the amount of points they've scored. 

"They're hot on our heels in the league as well so this is as big a game for them as it is for us.

“The Easter break has allowed us to get a couple fit, we have trained well and are well-prepared for the last block of four vital games.”