SwipeStation FAQs

Date: 7 Mar 2019

What is SwipeStation? 
- SwipeStation is a ‘Click & Collect’ service designed specifically for stadiums. It enables fans to order food and drink on their phones which they collect from a Fast Lane at the bar. 
How is SwipeStation going to speed up the queues? 
- It removes deliberation, ordering and payment from the service area, reducing service time. 
How does it work? 
- You enter your order on the SwipeStation app, which will create a unique QR code  containing your ID (encrypted) and the contents of your order. 
- You scan this QR code at a SwipeStation, situated near the bar. The SwipeStation is the only public device in the stadium hardwired to the internet. It is therefore able to process your transaction swiftly and securely. 
- The SwipeStation will print off a piece of paper showing your order to take to a dedicated Fast Lane and exchange for your food and drink. 

Does the app require a 3G, 4G or Wifi connection? 
- No. The app would work with your phone in airplane mode or 1,000 metres underground. You’ll need a connection to download the app in the first instance, but after that you do not need the internet to use it. 
What do I search for in the App/Play store? 
- Enter the word SwipeStation into your search bar. 
I have a Windows phone. Can I download the app? 
- Unfortunately you will not be able to download the app on a Windows phone. 
Do I have to keep topping up my money? 
- No. You add your card details once and you’re done forever. If you’ve ever used the Uber app it’s the same simple, secure process. 
How secure are my financial details? Are you PCI compliant? 
- Extremely secure. And Yes. Your details are not held by Swipe Station but are held by Stripe – a payment provider generally considered as “Paypal for businesses”. They have hundreds of thousands of customers including Deliveroo, Kickstarter and the British Government. For extra information about their security click here. 
I have no intention of using your app as I don’t have a smartphone. Do I benefit? 
Yes. As more people use the SwipeStation Fast Lane the normal queues should get shorter too. Everyone wins! 
Do I have to be at the stadium to place an order? 
No. You can be anywhere in the world. You just won’t process or pay for your order until you get to the stadium and swipe your phone at a SwipeStation. 
Can I place multiple orders? 
Absolutely. The smooth people place a few orders in advance to keep their lives even smoother. 
What if I want to change my order? 
You can muck about with your order as much as you like. Edit it. Delete it. It doesn’t matter. You don’t pay for it until you scan. 
I’m under 18. Can I use the service to buy alcohol? 
Nice try. No. The bar staff will still ID you – just like before. If you look under 21 have your ID ready. You do not want to be the person who holds up the Fast Lane. 
What if I lose my voucher? 
Don’t lose your voucher! It’s basically a beer voucher / money. When it’s gone, it’s gone. 
When does my order get placed? 
When you scan your phone at the SwipeStation. 
What if there’s a queue at the SwipeStation? 
The process is almost instant and if it is popular enough to create queues we will simply install more SwipeStations. 
I want to be in the top 5% smartest people in the stadium. How do I achieve that? 
The smart people print off their half-time drinks vouchers before half-time and put the voucher in their pocket. That way they can go straight to the bar at half-time. 
Can I get a receipt? 
A digital receipt is stored forever on the app. These are easy to print by taking a screengrab. 
What if I want a refund? 
Visit the FAQs on the app. They will guide you through the process.