Match Reaction: Dai Young post Ulster

Date: 13 Oct 2017

Following Wasps' defeat away to Ulster Rugby at the Kingspan Stadium, director of rugby Dai Young was understandably disappointed, but there were positives saying:

"I'm really pleased with the first-half, we did lots of the things that we talked about in the first-half and certainly in that ten minute spell after half-time. They scored two quick tries whic turned the momentum in their favour. We were chasing the game then a little bit really. Defensivley I thought we stood up pretty well considering the opportunities that we gave them again. We were killed at penalty time which meant we struggled to get any momentum, any grip back on the game."  

Asked about the injury situation Dai offered: 

"Two guys failed their HIA so they have to go through that process. Thomas pulled his groin. I would have been surprised if we had come away without a pull up after a five day turnaround so that was to be expected but when you're down there, people always keep on kicking you. It happens and you just have to dust yourself off. Tom Cruse has broken his thumb but that was a collision injury so there's not much you can do about that in games. But as I said nothing seemed to go our way. We were in that game for big periods. 

"We have to look at ourselves as well. We weren't creative enough with the ball, we didn't look like penetrating them and because we weren't doing that, we were trying little chips and so on. They're not going our way, the bounce of the ball is not going our way at the minute. I would rather we had played percentages. We just have to dust ourselves off and keep going and at some point our luck will turn." 

On a positive note, Young was happy with the defence for large periods: 

"I thought we defended really well and when they scored I thought it was poor defensively. They were two-on-two and you would like to think that we would have stopped that. Especially when we had an eight or ten minute block prior to that when we defended really well. So that was disappointing. The kick was a 50/50 and with our luck at the minute the bounce isn't going to go our way. It bounces down and we're running down the other end. Two disappointing tries and then you're chasing the game. When we did build the pressure, we had a penalty go against us which didn't give us any momentum.  

"We struggled to get enough momentum to cause them problems, we thought that if we could have the ball in the right area and put pressure on them, we would come away with something which is what happened in the first-half. We struggled in the second half. When your luck's not with you, it's not with you. It'll turn. I know Joe and the boys are kicking themselves because there were little errors which didn't help us. I was really pleased with the effort from the boys tonight, I thought they gave everything."