DPP Nominations 2017/18

DPP Nominations 2017/18

DPP Nominations 2017/18

Date: 12 Sep 2017

Please find information below concerning the nominations for DPP this season. 

As a club or school coach please read the notes below before following the link to submit your nominations at: https://goo.gl/forms/FjlP15Zcs44lNx0M2

  • Players who were a part of the DPP in 2016/17 do not need to be nominated again.
  • Clubs & schools are restricted to a maximum of 3 new nominations.


  • What is the DPP?

The DPP stands for the Developing Player Programme. It is the main entry point to Academy rugby.

  • What age does the DPP run for?

The DPP currently runs for U14 & U15 players. The U13 aspect will not start until late January / early February 2018. 

  • What is the focus of DPP?

The DPP is focused on player development, it is not about creating a team or positional specific training. As well as aiding with the development of players, the DPP is also used to highlight those players with potential to progress to the next level of Academy rugby.

  • Who should be nominated?

We are looking for players with very high standards in their core skills of catch & pass, tackle technique, breakdown and game sense or players with outstanding physical qualities such as height, strength, size or speed. As coaches / teachers we do ask that you are considerate to the players you are nominating and realistic about their potential, this is NOT a programme for everyone. 

  • Who is eligible to be nominated?

Nominated players will need to either; live, go to school or play for a rugby club located in our geographic catchment area. Our catchment area is: Buckinghamshire (All areas), Oxfordshire (Cherwell, City of Oxford and South Oxfordshire), Coventry (All areas) and North Warwickshire (Rugby, Nuneaton, Bedworth & North Warwickshire). Players can attend the centre that will be easiest for them to commute to.