Do Wasps Fans have Super Powers?

Do Wasps Fans have Super Powers?

Do Wasps Fans have Super Powers?

Date: 15 Feb 2018

We need you!

Wasps’ Official Energy Partner npower believes Wasps fans have Super Powers that can make a real difference to players on the pitch.

We want to quantify this fan energy and establish when the “npower high-energy point” of the match occurs.

When is it that fans and players unite in their efforts, joining forces in the stands and on the pitch, to create the greatest impact for Wasps?

To determine this “npower high-energy point” and investigate the link between fan energy and player performance, we are asking for 50 fans to take part in our Wasps Super Powers campaign.  


 Over the next three Aviva Premiership home games, we will measure heart rate, noise levels and social media chatter to see if we can quantify the impact of all the energy and passion you give in supporting your team!

HOW TO QUALIFY (**see full terms and conditions here)

CLOSING DATE for entries is midnight on Monday 19th February 2018.

If you are already attending the next three Premiership games at the Ricoh Arena, you could be in with a chance of being one of our Wasps Super Power Fans!

This project is all about having fun, whilst also helping to provide a unique insight into the link between your support and your team’s performance.  You could also win yourself a Personal Fitness Tracker as a result of your efforts!

To be in with a chance of being selected for our Super Powers assignment, please register below. The first 50 names drawn will be notified that they have been selected to be our Super Power fans.  Everyone who registers will also automatically be entered into a free prize draw for a chance to win a signed Wasps shirt.

Each resulting Super Power fan will be issued with a Personal Fitness Tracker to measure their heart rate levels during the three matches.  After each game, we will use the data to identify the point of the match when support was at its highest.  We will also measure noise levels (fan support) in the stadium and correlate the data to see how it compares to what happened on the pitch.

Alongside our 50 Super Power Fans, to ensure we include supporters who are unable to be at the game, we will monitor Social Media to see whether the supporter energy and chatter can be used to help identify the overall “npower high-energy point.”

Good luck and may the (n)power be with you!