Tackling Numeracy

Tackling Numeracy is an engaging rugby-themed numeracy programme which includes 5 sessions. It makes learning about numbers fun, exciting and rewarding. The innovative programme is aimed at improving numeracy levels amongst KS2 children across England and will be delivered in Primary Schools by all Premiership Rugby clubs. As well as delivering maths in a fun and engaging way, the programme is aimed at preparing young people for their future, where basic financial skills are a necessity.

Moreover, by using rugby themed content that connects with real life experiences, Tackling Numbers puts in place foundations for financial literacy in later life. The programme offers a new way to achieve the National Curriculum’s maths and Physical Education, citizenship and Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE) outcomes. So that children can progress at their own rate, this resource contains differentiated task levels and opportunities for assessment throughout.

Explain to pupils that they will be looking at variety of topics relating to mathematics and finance and how important it is in many areas of life, including sport. During the programme they will apply key maths skills including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, area, perimeter, budgeting and more. The sessions will be linked to professional rugby to help children consider how maths skills are applied in real life situations – such as in sports teams.


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