Project Rugby

Project Rugby is a joint initiative between Premiership Rugby and England Rugby designed to increase participation in the game by people from traditionally underrepresented groups:

  • Diverse Ethnic Communities
  • People from Lower Socio-Economic backgrounds (top 30% IMD)
  • Disabled People

The programme – which is run in partnership with Gallagher – currently engages with participants aged 14+ (and 16+ for disabled people) and is delivered by Wasps Community Coaching staff at several locations across Coventry, Birmingham and the West Midlands, providing accessible opportunities for people to participate in the game at a time and place that can be easily accessed by participants.

We are not looking for the best rugby players (though they are welcome), just participants that are interested in improving their own wellbeing and bridging the links between communities.



  • Transition participants from Project Rugby activity into regular rugby participation
  • Improving individual wellbeing and perceptions of self
  • Reduce social isolation and improving levels of social connectedness
  • Challenge existing perceptions of the game, positioning rugby as a sport for anyone regardless of background, ability or gender

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