Join the Academy

Join the Academy

To join the Academy, The DPP is the first step on the RFU’s recognised Player Development Pathway and is the entry level programme for the Wasps Academy. It provides development opportunities for players in the U13 – U16 age-groups in a geographic region that covers Buckinghamshire, Coventry, North Warwickshire and Oxfordshire.


The Pathway

The DPP is a very important first step on the Academy pathway, it allows basic principles to be introduced to the players in a development-led, competition-supported environment. Academy rugby is very competitive, selection for one stage does not guarantee selection for the next.




Am I Eligible/How Do I Get Nominated?

To be eligible for nomination for the Wasps DPP a player should fulfil one of the following criteria in our geographic region;

  1. Go to school
  2. Play for a club
  3. Have a home address.

Nominations and trials usually occur at the start of the rugby season (U13s being the exception), however we are always interested to hear about players who may have been overlooked or missed the initial trials. Once nominations are open they will be collated via an online form – this link will be made available once trial dates are published. At all other times nominations can be sent to Our U13 nominations will take place around January of each year.


What are we looking for in players?

In identifying young players with potential, there will always be huge subjectivity between coaches and those making the decisions. Within the Wasps pathway we aim to make these decisions based on W.A.S.P and a sound understanding of player development realising that players can show potential in different ways.

arrior - Someone who battles for their desired outcomes

Application - Mastery of elements that require no talent

Skill - Demonstrates a high level ability across core skills

Physical Potential - Someone who has the potential to excel in terms of height, strength and speed


Download the full Wasps Academy DPP Handbook for more details