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Wasps Community Schools Rugby Programme

Wasps are committed to developing Rugby in School throughout Buckinghamshire, East Berkshire, Middlesex and Oxfordshire.

Wasps Community Schools Rugby Programme News

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DateArticle Name
22nd July 2014Community Schools Rugby Programme - End of Year Report
15th July 2014Sting has some more Summer Fun
9th July 2014Wasps educate the next generation of Coaches
24th June 2014Wasps Teacher Education Workshops
28th May 2014Wasps represented at Aviva Premiership Rugby Final

Wasps Community Schools Rugby Programme

Wasps are committed to developing Tag Rugby in Primary Schools in Buckinghamshire, East Berkshire, Middlesex and Oxfordshire through programmes such as:

Wasps Schools Programme Officer Ben Smiley and Community Rugby Coach Ian Isham co-ordinate the delivery of the majority of our schools programmes with the support of our part-time staff and the Sports Management with Rugby Studies students from Bucks New University. All coaches are RFU qualified and hold a CRB Enhanced Disclosure certificated.

Our coaching aims to to provide health and social benefits for boys and girls:

  • Physical development - using healthy and enjoyable exercise to tackle the rise of obesity in children and adults
  • Skill development - helping children and adults improve performance levels, educational attainment and lifelong learning
  • Social development - using team games, co-operative skills and fair play
  • Mental development - establishing and reinforcing confidence, self esteem and well being of children and adults

As part of our programmes we also organise numerous Tag Rugby Festivals through the year for all levels of play and Teacher Tag Rugby Education workshops to promote the sustainability of Tag Rugby in the schools.

Aviva Premiership Rugby Schools Programme

Coming to the end of it's fourth year, the Aviva Premiership Rugby Schools Programme is an initiative that has already introduced over 108,000 young people to the sport of rugby through Tag Rugby. The scheme is run by Premiership Rugby and the 12 Aviva Premiership Rugby clubs up and down the country and has involved 1800 primary schools with 3,600 teachers also receiving training. 1800 sets of equipment and resources have been distributed and over 300,000 spectators are estimated to have watched demonstration events. The Aviva Premiership Rugby Schools Programme is aimed at Key Stage 2 pupils aged 7 and 8 years. Each Premiership Rugby club has worked with two classes at 50 schools each season. The Aviva Premiership Rugby Schools Programme involves a six week introduction to rugby that focuses on skill development & learning the rules, skill development & team skills and a Festival. The Tag Rugby festival will be the first taste of competitive rugby for many children and will allow schools that are new to rugby to participate in a fun tag rugby festival with schools of a similar standard. One school from each Premiership Rugby club region will qualify for the Finals at Twickenham on Aviva Premiership Rugby Final day where they will represent their Premiership Rugby club.

After receiving coaching through the Aviva Premiership Rugby Schools Programme, Stoke Row Primary School contacted us to say; "Our main coach was excellent. He dealt with the chidlren really well and had a lovely manner with them. They learn a lot from the sessions and really enjoyed them. The follow up Tag Rugby training for staff was useful too - thank you!"

Bespoke off-timetable Rugby Support

The Wasps Community Team often support school health, sport or activity weeks by offering bespoke Tag or Contact Rugby coaching to fit the needs of the school. We can deliver 30-minute to 90-minute coaching sessions, and can spend as long or as little time as is needed for the event. Subject to coach availability

CoacHclass After School and Lunch Time Tag Rugby Clubs

We offer schools the chance to host an After School Tag Rugby Club, which is run by a coach from the Wasps Community Team. There will be a coach to pupil ratio of no more than 1 to 15. CoacHclass After School or Lunch Time Tag Rugby Clubs typically run for a 5 week period, spanning one school half term. We can however offer extra curricular clubs over a longer or shorter time frame to suit the school's needs.

The cost for a 5-week club is £22.50 (+£2.50 booking fee) per participant - this is just £4.50 per session!

If you would prefer for the school to pay for an After School Club instead of the participants, we charge can charge the school an hourly rate for a coach. Contact us for more details of this option.

We can also provide Introduction to Contact Rugby clubs for Year 4 and 5 or Year 5 and 6 groups, at a school's request.

You can get more details of Wasps' CoacHclass After School and Lunch Time Clubs by clicking here or complete and return the downloadable Wasps Community Schools Programme Enquiry Form, which can be found below.

Following their child's participation at a CoacHclass After School Tag Rugby Club at Chesham Bois CE Combined School, a parent told us; "My son had never played Tag Rugby and he is now really keen on the sport. Because the club was after school, he stayed at his school where he feels comfortable. Taking part in the After School Club has given my son an interest in a different sport, whereas you do not usually get a choice. I think more primary schools should start to play rugby because it will help them when they get to secondary school."

In Curriculum Tag Rugby Coaching

Not all schools will be eligible to receive elements of the Aviva Premiership Rugby Schools Programme, but there remain opportunities for you school to receive in-curriculum coaching.

The Wasps Community Team can build a Tag Rugby programme that is specific for your school. There would be a cost for this coaching, and this is flexible based on the school's willingness to engage with Wasps at Adams Park Stadium, in High Wycombe.

Fill in the details here or complete and return the downloadable Wasps Community Schools Programme Enquiry Form, which can be found below.

Independent Schools Programme

The Wasps Community Schools Programme covers both State and Independent sectors.

For more details about the bespoke services that we can offer Independent Schools, click here.

Introduction to Tag Rugby Teacher Education Workshops

Throughout the academic year, the Wasps Community Team run un-certificated Introduction to Tag Rugby Teacher Education Workshops. These workshops are designed to develop any delegates' confidence to deliver Tag Rugby in an APES (Active, Purposeful, Enjoyable and Safe) environment.

During the workshop, which typically lasts for 2-hours, delegates will be led through theory and practical activities that provide introductions to;

  • The role that Tag Rugby can play in a child's physical development
  • How Tag Rugby can be taught/coached in an Active, Purposeful, Enjoyable and Safe environment
  • The laws of Tag Rugby (including the changes made through the RFU's Shaping the Game)

Our introduction to Tag Rugby teacher education workshops are held at community venues around Buckinghamshire, East Berkshire, Middlesex and Oxfordshire, so there is bound to be one running that is local to you. Alternatively, if there are 8 or more people from your school who would like to attend a workshop, we can run one specifically for you, at your school.

For details of our programme of Introduction to Tag Rugby workshops that are currently available, you can click here.

Matchday Events

There are a variety of ways for you to become involved in the Wasps Matchday experience. Whether you would like to visit as a school group and watch a Wasps home game, or do more with us, such as take part in a Matchday CoacHclass, Matchday Junior Press Club or Matchday Tag Rugby Challenge, we will be more than happy to host you.

Click here for more information, or complete and return the downloadable Wasps Community Schools Programme Enquiry Form, which can be found below.

Move 2 Improve

The Wasps Community Foundation and DS Smith have launched the 'Move 2 Improve' physical literacy programme designed to improve the movement skills of children; including those with special educational needs (SEN).

The grassroots school physical literacy programme is aimed to improve the movement skills of children in local Primary schools. Our Community coaches will deliver six one-hour curriculum-based lessons and six one-hour Out of School Hours (OSHL) physical literacy lessons and Tag Rugby.

Physical Literacy can be described as the 'language of movement'. It is the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding that provide children with the movement foundation for lifelong participation in physical activity. Being physically literate supports their development as competent, confident and healthy movers.

To become physically literate children need to master the 13 fundamental movement skills:

  • The Locomotor and Body Skills: Walking, Running, Balance, Skating/Skiing, Jumping, Swimming, Cycling and Skipping
  • The Sending Skills: Throwing, Kicking and Striking
  • The Receiving Skills: Catching and Trapping

Each participating school will receive 12 hours based on the needs of the children and the school over a six-week period. The coaching will consist of two hours per week of physical literacy and Tag Rugby. At the end of the block of coaching, all schools will be invited to participate in a celebration showcase non-competitive Tag Rugby Festival at a local community venue.

School Fundraising Support

Last year, the Wasps Community Team donated, through the Wasps Community Foundation, over £15,000 worth of match tickets to help charities raise over £50,000.

To find out how your school might be able to take advantage of the Wasps Community Foundation Charity Policy, click here.

Wasps Schools Lifestyle Assemblies

Let Wasps engage with your pupils during a guest assembly visit through our themed lifestyle assembly or a bespoke assembly to suit your needs. Our themed assemblies, which can last between 10 and 20-minutes, are based on:

  • After-School Tag Rugby Club Assembly – promotes a 5-week After-School Club at your school with information regarding the club and fun games
  • Active Lifestyle Assembly – promotes the importance of staying active and keeping fit
  • Nutrition Assembly – outlines the importance of a healthy diet
  • Healthy Lifestyle Assembly – combines the messages of the importance of diet, activity and school work
  • The Wasps Assembly – promotes the values of Wasps – Determination, Teamwork and the pursuit of Excellence
  • Hydration – Wasps and BRITA combine to talk about the importance of hydration

Wasps Community Team: Secondary Schools Programme

Our Secondary School Coaching Programme offers schools from Buckinghamshire, East Berkshire, Middlesex and Oxfordshire a number of developmental coaching sessions, the number of which is subject to the growth and productivity of the partnership between the school and Wasps. Coaching is lead by our Community Coaching Team. Schools will also be offered the opportunity to:

  • Enter Emerging Schools Festivals if eligible
  • Gain professional development through planned Coach Education Sessions for teachers
  • Get further involved through our Community Team Match Day initiatives

Schools should be prepared to offer either funded sessions, part-funded sessions or large group ticket sales-linked sessions to become involved in this initiative. Coaching delivery will concentrate on the development of core skills through enjoyable activity; promoting participation in grass roots rugby and support for Wasps. Our local Community Partner rugby clubs will be utilised as 'pathways' for participating children to continue their rugby playing careers during out of school time.

Something to Chew On

Something to Chew On in association with BT Supporters Club is an interactive project aimed at teaching 7-8 year olds about their own health and well-being with a Rugby focus.

According to government figures over a fifth of 4-5 year olds, one third of children aged 10-11 years old and two thirds of adults are currently overweight or obese. Obesity tends to track into adulthood, so obese children are more likely to be become obese adults.The Government's national ambition to combat childhood obesity is a sustained downward trend in the level of excess weight in children by 2020.

Rugby's diversity makes it the perfect vehicle to drive a health and activity led initiative; as a sport rugby can offer playing opportunities and role models to children of all shapes and sizes.

The interactive programme takes a rounded approach to teaching children about leading a healthy lifestyle.

The key aims of the project are to;

  • Improve young people's understanding of what constitutes healthy eating and a healthy diet, as well as increasing their knowledge of food safety
  • Increase young people's uptake of physical activity
  • Raise awareness of the food competences amongst educational stakeholders
  • Work as a contribution towards the Chief Medical Officer's guidelines that all children and young people should engage in moderate to vigorous physical activity for at least an hour a day

Wayne Morris, Premiership Rugby Community and Corporate Responsibility Director told us: "Today, three in ten boys and girls aged 2 to 15 are classed as either overweight or obese. If this trend continues, by 2025 47% of men and 36% of women could be obese. This future burden of ill health and obesity will be borne both by the individual and more broadly by the state healthcare system. Tackling obesity today is therefore high on both the government's and media's agenda.

Delivering change that ensures all British children live healthy and active lifestyles requires an approach which can pass on information and inspiration to eat more healthily; tackles inactivity by promoting fundamentals of movement; and teams up with children, teachers, parents and professional sport to make changes in the long term. Premiership Rugby's Something to Chew On healthy living programme does just that and we are very excited to partner with our sponsor BT Supporters Club to deliver this programme. We are also grateful for the technical and advisory support of Public Health England."

Of the BT Sport's "The Supporters Club" sponsorship of Something to Chew On, BT Consumer CEO John Petter said: "BT Sport is committed to using the power of sport to change lives through our new charitable initiative, The Supporters Club. Thanks to our customer donations, we are pleased to be joining forces with Premiership Rugby to launch a new programme called Something to Chew On, to help children and their families in making the right decisions about health, exercise and food."

Following the launch of Something to Chew On, Director of Health and Wellbeing for Public Health England, Professor Kevin Fenton said: "Learning how to choose, cook and eat safe, healthy food from a young age is an invaluable skill. By ensuring youngsters develop these important life skills and good habits early, we hope this will have a positive and lasting impact which they will take with them into their adult lives. We know that reaching children and young people with messages about nutrition and healthy eating is a tough task. This is why Public Health England is delighted to be involved in the 'Something to Chew On' programme with Premiership Rugby, which offers an exciting and creative way of reaching this age group. With this project, not only do the children get to learn about nutrition, but they are also taught the importance of being active as part of a healthy lifestyle. We have no doubts that young people taking part in 'Something to Chew On' will find learning these skills both fun and interesting."

What to do next

Community Schools Programme Enquiry Form

Community Schools Programme Enquiry Form

To find out more information about the Wasps Community Schools Programme, you can complete and submit an enquiry form here. Alternatively, you can download, complete and return the Community School Programme Enquiry Form which is on the right hand side of this section.