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Haskell aiming to come back stronger

This week we caught up with James Haskell, who is currently undergoing rehab from a knee operation earlier this summer.

Haskell had been suffering from pain in his knee last season, a long standing issue for the England back row, but is very pleased with his progress which sees him on target to return in October.

“I have had an issue with my knees for a long time now so this operation has been on the horizon for a while. I am really pleased with the way the rehab is going. I have got my strength back and am focusing very hard on my agility and mobility work. Hopefully I will be able to come back better than where I left off and there shouldn’t be any long term repercussions.”

Haskell explains that the issue he has, is a long standing one.

“When I came back from New Zealand I was suffering from tendonitis in both of my knees and that is quite debilitating. It is like running with bits of wood in front of your knees, you can’t bend, can’t jump, can’t explode and can’t be powerful. Towards the end of last season I was probably operating at about 70% which was frustrating. With the help of the medical staff here I was able to play but I was nowhere near where I wanted to be.”

“Right now I am looking forward to coming back in much better condition. It’s difficult to be out of the mix for a while and I know I will need to be performing at a high level to get picked. I don’t expect to come back and be totally at top pace when I haven’t played properly for three or four months but I haven’t really had a rest for longer than three weeks for the last five years so this has definitely done me good. The break will stand to me but I can’t wait to get back into it.”

Haskell praised the ongoing progress at the Club.

“What Dai (Young) is doing here with the guys alongside Steven (Jones) and Brad (Davis) is very exciting and there is a great atmosphere here. I have an opportunity after a non-stop career for the last 10 years, to take some time to get right and come back and hopefully be in good shape to perform because obviously I still have aspirations to play well for this Club and for England.”