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London 15 apprentices impress at London Wasps

Yesterday, London Wasps enjoyed a visit from Jamie Oliver's apprentices as part of his Fifteen Apprentice Programme.

For the second year running, London Wasps hosted the apprentices from Jamie Oliver's restaurant, London 15, in a relationship that aims to show the similarities between two different groups of young people and underline the important skills that are interchangeable for both groups.

We spoke to London Wasps Academy Coach Chris Lloyd who told us a bit more about the day and how the connection was forged.

'The RPA have a good relationship and have done work with London 15 previously. Their representative at the club, Ben McGregor, was aware of some of the work we do with our academy lads and felt that it would be good to put us together. I really believe in the principle of an apprenticeship and particularly in the ethos of selection for the London 15 apprenticeship so I am happy and proud to help'.

The apprentices enjoyed a fully packed day at Twyford Avenue which included discussions on good communication and planning as well as understanding how to perform well under pressure. Chris highlighted the importance of these attributes.

'It may seem that we are poles apart but I see the two parties and their aims as very similar. We prepare young people by giving them the skills and experiences to be able to perform under pressure. We try and get young players to understand it will be tough, it will be hard work but there will be rewards for that. Every time we do this I am certain we learn equal amounts from each other in how to achieve these aims'.

The day ended with a more practical lesson in teamwork as the apprentices were put through their rugby paces on the training ground and overall, Chris believes that the day was very successful.

'Personally I thoroughly enjoyed the day and I hope they did as well. I found that the sense of a team or family bond amongst the apprentices was obvious throughout and their attitudes and opinions were quite inspiring. The apprentices found some of the talking and listening exercises a challenge, but how they came through them and the points they made at the end were fantastic. They have invited us to watch them at work in the restaurant and offered to put on a cooking workshop for our academy players which is a very generous offer'.

'The main thing I take from the day is that they really are a great group who are both open minded and hard working and I am sure they will go on to graduate with flying colours'.