Wasps and Liftshare: getting you to games for less

As a new season of Aviva Premiership Rugby approaches, Wasps and the team at the Ricoh Arena can announce a new partnership with the UK’s largest car sharing community Liftshare.com, which will give fans of the club access to cheaper travel to both home and away fixtures.

We really appreciate the commitment you show while supporting Wasps. Your dedication and passion for your team doesn’t go unnoticed and that’s why Liftshare is helping to reward those going the extra mile.

What is Liftshare and how can car sharing help fans save money?

In short: Liftshare can help any Wasps fan driving to games make back 100% of their fuel bill, by car sharing with other loyal fans, while supporters without a car can travel to matches for far less than public transport options like the train or tube.

If you’re a driver:

Signing up to Liftshare is free, and car owners can quickly enter their departure and return details with our ‘Offer a Lift’ tool to see how much petrol money they can make back by sharing the trip with others – why not try it out to see how much your car could make for you?

When you’re happy with the route, price and times, you can then post your journey and number of spare seats online for other fans to see. Fans looking for a lift to Wasps games can then get in touch with you over our secure messaging system to discuss pick-up points, drop-off times and return travel.

It's then up to you to decide whether or not to accept passengers. All that’s left is to hit the road with your newfound car sharers in tow, and once you arrive at the match, they can use our free iOS and Android apps to pay you with a single tap – directly into your bank account.

Regular Liftshare drivers can save up to £2,000 a year on fuel when sharing trips on their daily commute, cross-city drives and trips to Wasps matches. You can start saving today by helping those without a vehicle get where they need to be.

If you’re a passenger:

If you’re a Wasps fan who can’t get access to supporter coaches, or are fed up of expensive train fares and would like to show the club your support at matches, look no further than Liftshare. Signing up as a passenger is free, secure and easy.

Using Wasps home games as an example, you can run a quick search for all Liftshare journeys going to Coventry and see at a glance all trips being offered by drivers. You can filter by departure time, distance and even gender specific lifts if you would rather travel with someone of the same sex.

The map functionality will show you the precise route drivers plan on taking, and how much they charge per seat – and if you need more information, you can direct message drivers on the site, or instant message them using the free smartphone app.

The official iOS and Android Liftshare app can also be used to pay drivers upon arrival using our secure, cashless system. Simply open your app and pay them directly with one-tap – you will never have to carry loose change or bank notes in the car with you again.

Liftshare passengers frequently pay less than bus, taxi, coach and train for travel, which adds up to great savings over time. Car sharing can help get you to Wasps matches cheaper, with direct pick-up and drop-off that you don’t get with other transport options – plus you will have more cash for food and drink during each game.

Tips for getting the most out of Liftshare:

Liftshare prides itself on creating a fun, sociable and safe community for both drivers and passengers. All users must provide bank details and verified email addresses as layers of identity validation, and with social logins via Facebook, in-depth member reviews and other features, you can enjoy peace of mind.

Liftshare have compiled a handy Trust and Safety guide to go over all of the safeguards that have been established to ensure a safe and smooth journey for all of our members. With a community of over 450,000 users and no safety issues since 1998, they’re certainly doing a great job.

Lastly, drivers have often asked how car sharing impacts their vehicle’s insurance. In short, it doesn’t. Liftshare’s pricing algorithm ensures drivers only make enough to cover their petrol spend and never turn a profit – as doing so would classify them as a taxi in the eyes of UK law.

Liftshare spoke with several UK insurance providers to get their view on car sharing, including Direct Line, Churchill, Aviva and Admiral – they were unanimous that using Liftshare will not impact on your car insurance in any way.

Let’s car share for Wasps! A note from Liftshare.

Liftshare looks forward to helping the dedicated Wasps fan base follow the team to every game throughout the 2015/16 season without breaking the bank. We support the club’s aim to increase match attendance at the Ricoh Arena and build away support to cheer on the team.

We hope you find our site useful in finding, socialising and travelling together with other passionate fans, and if you have any feedback or questions for us, our friendly team are glad to hear from you. Just email us at superheroes@liftshare.com