Match Reaction – Dai Young Post Bath Rugby

Following Wasps defeat at the Rec, Wasps Director of Rugby Dai Young was asked whether he was at least pleased with the resilience shown by his side to come back at Bath during the latter stage of the game.

“I was really pleased with how the boys came back when they could have rolled over and chucked the towel in. At least we came away with a point for four tries, after a good final 10-15 minutes, but we can’t take too much comfort out of that,” he said. “We have to be honest and for 70 minutes of the game, Bath were well on top in most areas really.

“Their set piece caused us problems and the contact area was a real plus point for them. They always got over the gain line and we struggled to get any penetration really.  They won most of the collisions and the battle of the gain line.

“We weren’t quite at the races today. I don’t think we played to our potential, but I don’t think we were allowed to, because of a very good Bath side. They thoroughly deserved their victory.

“We have to go away and lick our wounds and come back better next week.  This league gives you a reality check very quickly. When you start to think everything is rosy, you get your trousers pulled down.

“It just goes to show how tight the league is. Any team can beat any team in the Premiership if you’re not on top of your game. It was exactly the same when Bath came to us at Adams Park and we did a job on them. Bath were too good for us today, and you’ve got to give them credit for that.”

Asked if he had expected Wasps to be in fourth spot in the Aviva Premiership table at this stage of the season, Young replied: “Well, we’re certainly pleased to be there, but we’re realistic as well. There’s a long way to go yet and if you look at how bunched the table is, one loss and you can start to fall pretty quickly. One win for teams just below you, and they can leap frog you.

“Our target this season has always been top six. I keep on repeating myself really, but I don’t think we’re quite a top four team yet, because top four teams have to back up their performances week on week.

“The last two or three weeks we’ve been good, today we weren’t where we would like to be. But you have to give Bath a lot of credit for that because they were really powerful with and without the ball today.

Commenting on the reason for Christian Wade leaving the field, Young said: “He had a little bit of a hamstring twinge and obviously with the fliers, you can’t take too much of a risk. We had a few bumps and bruises this week, but then you expect that with a six-day turn-around. Hopefully next week we should have as near to a full team to select from as possible.”