Launchbury: I’m targeting being back in April

We spoke to Joe Launchbury this week as he begins the next stage of his rehab.

Continuing his recovery at the Twyford Avenue Training Ground, Joe Launchbury said that he was pleased with how the operation on his neck had gone.

“I am delighted with how the surgery went and the rehab seems to be going well in the early stages. It’s incredible how quick and efficient neck surgery can be these days. I  had the operation on the Friday, stayed in hospital one night and was then able to go home on Saturday. For the first couple of weeks it was just a case of relaxation at home – if you can call it relaxation with a new baby!  Then I was able to do gentle exercise and I came back into the Club this week to start the first stage of rehabilitation with the Wasps strength and conditioning team and medical team."

"The surgeon was really happy with how the operation went and thankfully it wasn’t as bad as it was feared at one stage, so we’re looking at a gradual return to training in around 12 weeks. For now I’m in the gym doing gradual conditioning and it’s great to be able to concentrate on getting my arm and neck stronger rather than playing through pain. I can feel a massive difference already. The next stage will be to integrate neck weights, which I hope to do either next week or the following week."

"Obviously with neck injuries, you don’t rush things and you go week by week, but I’m really happy with how everything’s gone and how I’m progressing. I’m  targeting being back in contention for around April and am really looking forward to trying to play my part in Wasps end of season campaign."