Match Reaction: Dai Young Post Chiefs

Following the 31-15 defeat, Wasps Director of Rugby Dai Young did not hide his disappointment:

Following the 31-15 defeat, Wasps Director of Rugby Dai Young did not hide his disappointment:

“I’m hugely disappointed with our performance. With the ball in hand during the first 30 minutes, we blew at least three 2 on 1 opportunities and we expect better from our players.

“That first 40 minutes wasn’t us. They looked far more alert and on the money that we were. We certainly lacked the bite and energy that we have at home.

“It’s something I’ve said to the players. If we want to achieve something in this league, we have to replicate our home form away from home, which we failed to do today. That’s a huge disappointment for us.

“You can’t pick many holes in our home performances this season, but certainly our away performances haven’t been good enough.

“We have a tendency to give ourselves mountains to climb away from home. I think the second half was 7-6, but when you go in at half-time with that sort of score line, you give yourself a mountain to climb.

“Something we really pride ourselves on is our defence. It’s something Brad works really hard on and I think the players let him down a bit today. There were a lot of missed tackles and no real bite in the collisions.

“Exeter are a very good team and they rightly deserved their win today, but I think we made them look even better than they were.

“Certainly every time they had the ball in hand, they looked like they’d cause us problems. I never felt in control when they had the ball.

Asked whether he felt Wasps should have been awarded a penalty try after a succession of penalties and Chiefs’ yellow card, Young said:

“I suppose you could have argued it was a penalty try, but to be honest I think we’d be grasping at straws a little bit if we said that. Our performance simply wasn’t good enough.

 “The most we could have salvaged today was a losing bonus point, I don’t think we were ever in a position where we were going to win.

 “The players are very disappointed and low as I think they feel they let themselves down a little bit today.”

 When asked if he felt the Chiefs deserve to be at the top of the table, Young replied:

“Exeter are a very good side - the league doesn’t lie.  People seem to knock them every season and they keep proving them wrong. They’re deservedly at the top of the table and with Rob in charge they are definitely going to be pushed in the right direction and they all work for each other.”

Asked for an injury update for Christian Wade, Young said:

“He had a bit of an ankle strain. It doesn’t look too bad at this moment in time. We obviously didn’t want to risk him but we don’t think it’s a long-term issue.”