Post Match Reaction: Dai Young Connacht

Dai Young gives his reaction to the 28-18 win over Connacht Rugby

After the game, Dai Young said that he was pleased with racking up another win ahead of the 2014/15, but made it clear he was not totally satisfied with the performance.

“Obviously we’re pleased with the win, it’s always nice to win, but I don’t think that was a step up from last week. I thought it was untidy, messy and I thought that we gave them far too much, causing ourselves lots of problems.”

“From our point of view we have to be far more accurate and if we play like that in the Aviva Premiership we aren’t going to be beating the sides at the top of the table which is where we want to be.”

“We have two weeks of work and there’s nothing that we can’t put right. It was often just basic things, like using the extra man in attack, where our handling skills let us down. That isn’t like us and, if you’re going to do it, now’s the time to do it.”

Having scored nine tries over the course of the two pre-season fixtures, it was clear that Young’s side didn’t lack in ability going forward but the Wasps Director of Rugby said that his team needed to finish the chances they were creating, especially when they faced the top sides in the Aviva Premiership.

“The biggest positive was the chances we created. We created some great opportunities for ourselves but we need to finish those off, especially when you’re playing the bigger teams where those kind of chances are few and far between. We have two weeks to work hard and put right the things which weren’t quite up to scratch today.”

Young also made special mention of man of the match James Gaskell, who he said was outstanding.

“I thought that he was outstanding today, I thought he played very well. He was deservedly man of the match and was by far the best player out there today. We all know that he can play at number eight but, with international aspirations, he probably feels that the second row is his best chance of that and I would be inclined to agree.”