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My Best Day Ever!!

Seven-year old Toby Roach from Chesham Stags RUFC talks about his experience as a Match Day Ball Runner v Bath Rugby in the Amlin Challenge Cup Semi-Final

My Best Day Ever by Toby Roach age 7

Thanks to my rugby Club, Chesham Stags and Wasps, I had the best day ever on Sunday 27th April at the Amlin Challenge Cup semi finals in Wycombe.

I was asked a few weeks ago by my under 7’s coach, David Cripps if I would like to ‘Run the Ball on’ at a big rugby match coming up soon. I was nervous, and didn’t really know what I had to do, but I said yes anyway. I’m glad I did. My mum, dad and sister came with me and we arrived at the Wasps home stadium in Wycombe really early.

We waited in the bar area and then Dave Larham from Wasps came and found me and took me to get changed into my Chesham Stags rugby kit. I was then taken for a walk around the edge of the pitch while the Wasps and Bath players were warming up. The stadium looked huge with lots and lots of seats. Sting, the Wasps mascot came out onto the field, and I started playing ball games with him and some of the Wasps staff. It was amazing to pass the ball around while the Wasps and Bath team were warming up around me. There were also cameras everywhere. I had my picture taken with Sting and the Wasps captain, Chris Bell.

After a while, we ran off the pitch, and waited in the tunnel. After a few minutes, the music started and I was given a ball. I had to run onto the field, through a line of children waving flags and run the ball to the centre of the field. I put the ball down and managed to wave at the crowd. It was really loud and there were tons of people in the stadium. I then ran back to the line of children and was given a flag to wave as the Wasps and Bath players ran out. The players were massive!!

I then went off the field to change into my normal clothes and was taken into the stands to meet my mum, dad and sister. The game had already started and Wasps had scored a couple of points.

I loved watching the match, even though in the end Wasps lost. Mum and dad told me that my name had been announced over the tannoy system when I ran onto the field, but I didn’t hear it. My mum managed to video me running on, so I can now watch it whenever I want.

After the match finished, I was allowed to take my rugby ball into the changing rooms and all the Wasps players signed it. All the players were really friendly and asked me a few questions about myself. I will treasure my signed rugby ball forever.

What a brilliant day and thank you very much to Chesham Stags and Wasps for allowing me to do it.