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Relaunch of the Something to Chew On Tag Rugby Programme

At the beginning of Phase 4 of the Wasps Community Schools Programme, the Club's Community Team relaunched the highly successful healthy eating programme, Something to Chew On

What is Something to Chew On?

In association with BT Sports' "The Supporters Club", Something to Chew On is an interactive project aimed at teaching 7-8 year olds about their own health and wellbeing with a Rugby focus.

Founded in response to government research that found that over a fifth of 4-5 year olds, one third of children aged 10-11 years old and two thirds of adults are currently overweight or obese, Something to Chew On's key aims are to;

  • Improve young people's understanding of what constitutes healthy eating and a healthy diet, as well as increasing their knowledge of food safety
  • Increase young people's uptake of physical activity
  • Raise awareness of the food competences amongst educational stakeholders
  • Work as a contribution towards the Chief Medical Officer's guidelines that all children and young people should engage in moderate to vigorous physical activity for at least an hour a day

Rugby's diversity makes it the perfect vehicle to drive a health and activity led initiative; as a sport rugby can offer playing opportunities and role models to children of all shapes and sizes.

Something to Chew On is a 2-hour engagement with Year 3 classes, over a 5-week period. Each class will receive an hour of interactive indoor classroom work, that focuses on the Healthy Eating messages, and the second hour will be outside practicing Tag Rugby skills, and linking what the children have learnt about Healthy Eating to activity and sport. Each school will also receive an assembly, during which time the basic Something to Chew On messages will be shared to the entire school.

To mark the launch of Wasps' delivery of Something to Chew On, the Wasps' matchday team of players and medical staff came together to answer some questions about Healthy living, and what their favourite sandwich is. The video below will also be used as a classroom resource during the programme.

How can my school get involved with Something to Chew On?

For more information about Something to Chew On, or any element of the Wasps Community Schools Programme, click here. Alternatively you can contact Wasps' Schools PRogramme Officer Ben Smiley on 01494 or at