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Brandon Smith Kelly – School playground to Stadium pitch

Brandon Smith Kelly is a year 3 pupil at Aston Clinton School, near Aylesbury. At the recent London Wasps Aviva Premiership match against Leicester Tigers, he got the opportunity to represent his new rugby club, Aylesbury RFC on the Adams Park pitch at half time.

Brandon in action in the Matchday Tag Rugby Challenge

Brandon in action in the Matchday Tag Rugby Challenge

Just 12 months ago Brandon had not played rugby before; but since his school has taken part in the Aviva Premiership Rugby Schools Programme, he has fallen in love with the sport. After first trying rugby at school, he joined the London Wasps After School Tag Rugby Club which was held at Aylesbury RFC. Participation in the after school club meant that he gained more and more confidence in the sport and consequently asked to join the club. He now trains and plays regularly on a Sunday morning at Aylesbury RFC and is really enjoying himself. Brandon’s team have already been able to represent their club at the recent London Wasps U7 and U8 BRITA Cup, as well as taking part in the Matchday Tag Rugby Challenge.

We caught up with Brandon at the LV Cup game against Saracens to ask him a few questions about his experiences:

When did you first play rugby?

First was when I was at school during P.E Lessons, then I went to the London Wasps after school club.

What’s the best thing about rugby?

Getting to run around with the ball is really fun and its great exercise which will help keep me healthy.

What’s your favourite rugby skill?

I like the lineout watching people get lifted up looks fun; I would like to do that.

What’s your favourite game in tag?

I love playing bulldog.

Who is your favourite London Wasps player?

Charlie Davies

Who would you like to play for when you older?


What position would you like to be?

Second Row

What’s your most memorable moment playing rugby?

Getting to the semi-finals at my first ever tournament, the London Wasps BRITA Cup.

We also had a chance to talk to his mum Katie Smith about Brandon’s Rugby:

Why do you think Brandon chose rugby?

He liked football and played it a bit but after one session of rugby he loved it and has carried on ever since.

How have you found joining the local club Aylesbury RFC?

It’s been really good they have all been really helpful.

What advice do you have for other families thinking of playing rugby?

At first I was worried about Brandon getting hurt but at the end of the day you have got to let them do what they love and he hasn’t been hurt yet.

Community Rugby Coach Ian Isham told "Brandon seems to have really fallen in love with rugby; it is great to see the pathway for players being demonstrated. London Wasps introduce children to the sport at school through programmes like the Aviva Premiership Rugby Schools Program. Once the children have first experienced rugby, we provide the opportunity to further their training and develop the club links, with our after school clubs. We provide clubs with the opportunity to experience festivals and playing on the pitch like a pro, which we find they really enjoy. Brandon really seemed to relish taking part in our community programmes and it was great to see him making new friends at the after school club."

How can I get involved in the London Wasps Community Programme?

There are many ways that you can get involved with the London Wasps Community Team, and the programmes that are offered. Schools, businesses, clubs, families and individual rugby players are all welcome.

For more details, please click here, contact the Community Team via email at or phone us on 01494 531122.