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Life after Wasps: Tom Voyce

In the start of this new series, which features first in the Wasps matchday programme, we caught up with Tom Voyce.

Tom Voyce is first up in our new feature where we catch up with former players. Voyce retired last season from the game and his Wasps career included over 175 appearances and more than 345 points.

Voyce now works for Baydonhill FX who offer international payment solutions.

How did you find life initially adjusting to not playing rugby any more?
To be honest I didn't find it that hard. It meant waking up earlier to get a gym session, but my day is so varied it's never boring.

What did you do immediately after retiring?
I got on a plane straight away to Oman to have a ten day break to recharge the batteries and take in my career.

Tell us about your current job?
I'm currently working in foreign exchange and entertaining clients as well as opening up a new sports desk where we help players and companies from all sports to exchange their money better than what a retail bank would offer.

What's the most enjoyable thing about it?
It's so different each day. I have met some fantastic people and done things I normally had to turn down in the past because of my commitments to rugby.

What did you find difficult when you started?
Using Excel! All the calculation you can set it up to do meant I felt out of my depth! I was phoning my sister up to help me...

What advice would you give to players who retire?
Staying fit. You are going into an uncertain future as an ex modern professional and it is worrying to see how are bodies will cope as we get older, so by staying fit as much as possible it might make that little difference.

Are you still involved in rugby?
Nope! I might watch a game from time to time, but I need to get away from it to become a fan and not judge the match as a whole.

Do you still follow Wasps and watch games or go to games?
I keep an eye on the league and some results, but times have changed so much since I was last there and it's a shame that we didn't carry on the momentum of our success like Tigers have. But the Wasps badge and fans will always stay close to my heart and it's true that 'Once a Wasp, always a Wasp'

What's the best thing about being retired?
Not waking up in the morning knowing how the week might pan out, like worrying about your performance or getting your head smashed in!

And the worst?
The boys and banter.

What's your favourite memory from your time at Wasps?
Playing with players that you knew would stand next to you an front up in any situation. It was a special time in Wasps history and to be a part of that makes me smile. That plus the partying!

This weekend we speak to Fraser Waters who has some great tips for retired players. Check the feature out first in our matchday programme on Sunday at the game against Leicester Tigers