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Visit to the Kite Ridge House Pupil Referral Unit

Read about Ben Smiley's visit to work with young people in High Wycombe

On Tuesday 16th July our Community Coach Ben Smiley visited the Kite Ridge House Pupil Referral Unit (PRU) in High wycombe.

Kite Ridge House is a unit for young people who have Severe Learning Difficulties (SLD) and associated behavioural problems. Some students might also be on the Autistic Spectrum. The PRU works on the basis that "all behaviour is communication", and the team of staff develop alternative strategies, in a number of multifunctional, in-formal teaching areas at the school, to support the student's development as learners and as people.

Ben was invited to the PRU to deliver two Tag Rugby sessions, one higher activity session on the school field, and one lower intensity session indoors. The indoor session saw Ben coaching the five students and four support staff on how to pass and catch, before putting their technique under pressure by adding a competitive element between small groups. As the coaching moved outside, Ben was able to focus on tagging skills and running and dodging when holding the rugby ball.

After his session, Ben Smiley told "The students were very keen to learn and gave me 100% of their attention when I was discussing the techniques and activities. They all put everything into the session and there was a marked improvement in their ability to play Tag Rugby."

We would like to thanks Gail Prince for the inviting us to visit Kite Ridge House.


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