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Wasps FC cycling trio need your help!

Nearly three thousands pounds in donations raised to support the Serge Betsen Academy and the French Red cross has gone missing.

Earlier this summer we brought you the news that two young Wasps FC players (and an accompanying adult) were taking on the huge challenge of cycling for nearly 2,000 miles in aid of the Serge Betsen Academy and the French Red Cross.

William Price (14) and Fabrice Lavenir (16) both play for Wasps FC, and alongside accompanying adult and friend Robert (67), have been cycling 3150 km from Budapest to Moulin in France in 35-40 degree temperatures with fully loaded bikes.

Nearly three thousand pounds has been raised by generous supporters but at the weekend organisers heard that the donation site 'Charity Giving' had been suspended and are being investigated for mismanagement of funds.

William's mother, Sally Price says the boys are currently in Germany and don't know what's happened. ''We are shocked and devastated that the money given generously by friends and family is unlikely to be seen by the Serge Betsen Academy and the French Red Cross."

''We hope to make up the lost money through wider community support and also hope that this situation cannot be allowed to occur again, and have already contacted our local MP Angie Bray to ask if she can help in this matter.''

Those involved are obviously very despondent but a new donation site has now been set up and family and friends are appealing for any support and new donations so the challenge hasn't been in vain. Click here to donate and help the boys get back on track.

We wish the boys all the best on the remainder of the journey and look forward to welcoming them back safely at the end of July.