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Eastwood's progress update

Three months into his role as London Wasps CEO, Nick Eastwood gives supporters an update on some of the on-going work at the Club

By Nick Eastwood

I have had a number of key priorities over the first three months in this role and one of these has been overseeing the process of rebuilding and increasing our fan base.

This is something I wanted to share with you ahead of time because we are well down the road in preparing for what I hope will be the most thorough, detailed and professional Season Ticket offer ever produced by the Club. As part of this, we are committed to re-engaging with our supporters and asking them for their views on key issues. We have therefore just completed three comprehensive supporter surveys to supplement the detailed data analysis work we are doing.

We’ve had a fantastic response to these surveys, which were recently sent to Platinum Members past and present, as well as a large number of match-ticket purchasers.

The results of the survey will help shape our thoughts around a variety of areas such as our offering on match-days, our pricing and our communication with supporters, and the results have already given us real insight into what your views are across vital areas like this.

These results have also helped shape our Season Ticket holder offering for next season, which will be communicated in the coming weeks. I think you will be pleased with the changes we have made.

We have also been working very closely recently with Two Circles, an agency we have appointed to help us to significantly improve the understanding of our data and how we use it to communicate effectively with current and future supporters. We know that having a much stronger understanding of our supporters’ needs and wishes and investing in database marketing is something that will help us to underpin our commercial strategies over the coming years. We have already been able to derive some very valuable insights from this work and we have sensed a keen optimism about the future of the Club on and off the field, which is something we share.

We believe that this year more than ever, we are witnessing a re-birth of the Club, one that is being built on strong talent on the playing side and supported by increasing resources on the management and administrative side.

The Club is changing and needs to continue to do so to keep pace with the progress being made by all of the clubs around us in both the English and European game.

To that end we are currently making some investment into exploring what the London Wasps brand means and stands for, and what changes we need to make to help us take the brand onto the next level.

We are currently working with globally renowned agency The Brand Union to examine the London Wasps brand both in terms of strategic development and visual identity, to help take us forward at the same pace as the strides being made by the team itself.

We have a clear ambition for the London Wasps brand and we have recently held a variety of workshops with those currently involved with the Club and those who have had strong involvement in the past, to help us develop a strategy that will position our brand as a leading force in the game, both at home and abroad. The results of that work will certainly be worth keeping an eye on.

Of course there have been other major priorities too over the past few months – and one of these have been solidifying our financial position which was absolutely vital.

I am pleased to say we are in a much more positive place financially and though there is a lot of hard work ahead, we are moving forward very well and are have satisfyingly begun to make real headway in clearing a lot of outstanding debt.

We will also soon be in a position to talk to you about new investment in the Club, something that I know you have been waiting patiently for. Our progress on this front has also been very positive and we are working towards finalising and announcing this as soon as we can.

Finally, I would like to thank all of you who completed the surveys – your feedback is vital and will make a difference.