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Young: We have to be better

Dai Young gives his reaction to the loss against Treviso

“We knew it was always going to be tough. We are obviously disappointed by the margin. People often say that winning or losing in preseason games isn’t important but I think that it always is, I would always rather get a win."

"I was quite pleased with the first half, I think during that period we dominated most areas and we were unlucky not to come away with a lead. We made quite a few changes at half time, although I don’t think that had a consequence and they upped their tempo. I’m a bit embarrassed by saying this but the referee really wasnt great to be honest, but you are always going to get that in away friendlies."

"Despite that we have to be better. Treviso were by far the better team, certainly in the second half. You can’t defend for 40 minutes and we did that because whenever we had the ball we didn’t look after it.”

“The positives are that the 26 lads that we had available all got on, they have all had some game time which is hugely important and we have picked up no injuries, so we move on.

"We have trained hard throughout this week so we knew that the boys were going into the game quite tired and when you are defending for large periods that is not going to help. For the last 15 or 20 minutes I thought we looked out on our feet but we will reap the rewards of that come the first week.”

“I thought that in the first half we were pretty good, but in the second period, because we spent large amounts of time without the ball, when we did get it, someone would try to throw a miracle pass or something that wasn’t quite on. We know that it is going to take a bit of time to gel."

"We are getting more and more back into training over the next week so we will be able to do a lot more. We are starting to get the numbers up in training so we are getting to a position where we can start to do far more contact work which is one aspect because I think that the tackle area was somewhere that caused us a lot of problems."

"That wasn’t helped by the fact that it wasn’t refereed at all but we have to be better. If he is not making the decisions that are there then you have to work around that. They were still better than us, we still lost collisions. Despite our defence being generally quite good we were losing yards at every collision."

"I am confident in the direction that we are headed. Obviously we aren’t happy with the loss, or with the margin of the defeat but there is still a lot to work on.”