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Community State-Schools Programme End of Year Report

Read more from Ben Smiley about our schools programme

The 2011-2012 Academic Year has been completed and our Community Team can reflect on the delivery of our biggest ever Community Schools Coaching Programme in state-sector schools.

This year has seen more coaching sessions delivered to more schools than in any of the previous years that London Wasps have operated a Community Schools Programme. In total, 680 coaching sessions have been delivered to Years 1 - 6 in 104 schools within our community of Buckinghamshire, East Berkshire, Middlesex and Oxfordshire. In addition to our programmes, we have also delivered 52 assemblies for Primary Schools that covered the following themes;

Achievement and Raising Self-Esteem | Active Lifestyle | Healthy Lifestyle | Hydration | London Wasps | Nutrition | Tag Rugby Clubs |

We also delivered 31 bespoke one-off coaching sessions in Primary and Secondary Schools that included:

Buckinghamshire Secondary Schools Rugby Roadshow | Buckinghamshire Year 7 and Year 8 Schools Festivals | Coach the Coaches Teacher Education Workshops (Ruislip RFC) | Tag Rugby Festivals (Oxfordshire Chairman's Cup) | Wycombe District Council Girls Rugby Coaching |

The majority of London Wasps' Community Schools Delivery has been supported by centrally funded programmes such as:

Aviva Schools Programme | MBNA Tackling Numbers |

On top of our In-curriculum coaching programmes, we have also delivered a programme of 40 After School and Lunch Time Tag Rugby Clubs that has provided over 800 young children with extra-curricular activities.

This programme has been designed to develop your child's physical, psychological and social skills, as well as encouraging rugby-specific and athletic skills such as agility, balance, coordination, speed, passing, catching and evasion. The success, popularity and growth of our After School Clubs across our community demonstrates the quality of our programme and the coaches who work hard to consistently deliver to high quality standards.

Experienced players and new players to the game are challenged and rewarded alike by our experienced coaching staff in a safe, active, purposeful and enjoyable player-centred environment. The programme delivery incorporates the London Wasps Community Foundation Grassroots Pillar of Activity main development themes for young people, while promoting the Rugby Football Union’s Core Values:

  • Physical development - using healthy, enjoyable exercise
  • Skill development - helping children improve performance levels
  • Social development - using team games, co-operative skills and fair play
  • Mental development - establishing and reinforcing confidence and self esteem

Each week a new theme of skills was focused on to develop the players in to full Tag Rugby by week 5. The sessions followed the London Wasps TAG-ME model:

  • Tagging and Defence Skills
  • Agility, Balance, Co-ordination and Speed
  • Game Understanding and Decision-Making
  • Mental skills, Tactical appreciation and Teamwork development
  • Enjoyable exercise in a fun and rewarding environment

How to get involved in our 2012-2013 Schools Coaching Programme:

If you would like your school to get involved in the London Wasps Schools Coaching Programme, please contact us by filling in the details here.