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Young frustrated with narrow loss

London Wasps Director of Rugby Dai Young cut a frustrated figure after the game having watched a vital decision at the end of the match go against his side.

Wasps had all the momentum in the closing stages of the game and with a dominant scrum opted for a 5metre re-set rather than shoot for goal with a minute left, only to be penalised by the touch judge for a binding offence in a huge call which allowed Exeter to see out the game.

Of the call Young said:

“I have to be careful what I say but there cannot be many people here who felt that was a penalty to them. I thought it was a very very poor decision and that has lost us the game at the end. I am not saying for 80 minutes we were dominant but I know that we did enough in the second half to win the match and we were in a fantastic scoring position. When the whistle went I thought it was another penalty to us or a penalty try as we had been dominant for the previous four or five scrums so to get a call apparently for binding totally mystified me. They probably found it hard to bind as Exeter were going back so quickly and it’s disappointing to be in here talking about decisions again that we are not getting.”

Young was also frustrated with a couple of penalty advantages that were called over quite quickly – one was in front of the posts just 30m out but with Wasps playing on and losing it after just one phase of play, advantage was called over.

“We are being told by officials that we shouldn’t chuck the ball away when you win a penalty and we’re encouraged to be positive and play on and you will get the kick if nothing comes of it. Twice we did that and we were penalised for doing so. We had two clear kickable penalties taken away and I am mystified as to why. I am not the kind if coach who lays the blame at referees when we lose a game but today I am hugely disappointed."

Asked if he felt Wasps deserved to win the game overall Young added.

“I thought we were the more positive team yet again. We were the team more likely to score tries and I thought we created far more opportunities than them. Exeter are efficient and they have a kicker who doesn’t miss but I felt if there were going to be tries out there it was going to be us. The conditions weren’t great today for either team and I strongly believe we did enough to win the game at the end.”

“If we play like we did today for the rest of the season I know we will win games and it’s my job to get the team back up again for it. We are somewhat guilty I think of clamming up a bit when we are attacking because of the pressure of where we find ourselves and we need to keep playing, be positive and express ourselves.”