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Supporters survey

If you are a London Wasps supporter, we want to hear from you!

We want to get your opinion as to which day you'd prefer our home games to be played on: Friday night, Saturday or Sunday?

Click here to complete the short form and select your preferred match day.

The deadline for voting is Sunday 20 March and the club is encouraging all supporters to take part in the quick online survey so that their views can be considered.

Wasps home games in recent seasons have typically been played on Sundays.

London Wasps Chief Executive Chris Thomas said, “We are looking for our fans’ views on whether there is a desire to play some of our games on other days. Once these results are collated we can make a decision on whether we need to make any changes for next season.

“As a ground-sharing club we obviously have to take other fixtures into account, but when the pitch is football free all weekend, we can be certainly be flexible about Wasps match days.”

“This is an important decision for us to make so the more supporters that give us their views the better. We would envisage being able to make a decision based on the views of our supporters before our season tickets for the 2011/12 go on sale.”