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Academy Apprenticeship Update

Academy Apprenticeship changes it's home

From the start of season 2011/12 the Academy Apprenticeship based at Twyford Church of England High School will undergo a transfer process to Henley College. This transfer will take 12 months and be complete by Sept 2012.

The existing first year students will remain at Twyford CoE High School and complete their AASE qualification through to end of season 2011/12, however all new applicants are being directed to apply to Henley College for entry in September 2011.

The reasons for this transfer are due to changes to the funding structures associated to RFU administered AASE scheme. Equally a new learning AASE framework is being sought but it is very unlikely that this will include ‘A’ level study. Henley College have been closely linked with London Wasps with its existing rugby programme and hence it makes good sense to extend and develop this existing relationship.

From the start of next season it is hoped that the AASE league will continue in its current format and if so then London Wasps will be represented in this league by Henley College.

The relationship between London Wasps and Twyford CoE High School remains very strong and London Wasps are very grateful to the school for their support and opportunities offered to young aspiring players who have benefited from their involvement within the programme over the past five years.

Henley College are very keen to strengthen links with London Wasps and can provide continued excellent opportunities to the young players within the immediate and wider region for the long term future.

Should you have any queries to the position with the AASE please do not hesitate in contacting Rob Smith on