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CoacHclass Top Tips XIV

Our latest Top Tip focuses on Running in Support of the Ball Carrier

McGeechan celebrates with the Heineken Cup

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Running in Support of the Ball Carrier

Objective: Utilise space and provide continuity options for the ball carrier

In a week that saw 11 London Wasps players selected for the England Rugby World Cup Training Squad, and with Raphael Ibanez (France), Dan Leo (Manu Samoa) and Eoin Reddan (Ireland) expected to feature in France 2007, we take a look at the skill of Running in Support of the Ball Carrier; just one of the skills that enabled London Wasps to win the Heineken Cup.

Running in Support of the Ball Carrier is also part of the CoacHclass intinerary that will be coached at our Summer CoacHclasses

All techniques are coached with the emphasis that we place on the Principles Of Play and Principles of Defence:

Susie King

Principles Of Play:

  • Gain Possession
  • Go Forward
  • Support
  • Continuity
  • Pressure
  • Points
International success will have a big impact on pre-season preparations

Principles of Defence:

  • Go Forward
  • With the Support of teammates
  • To apply Pressure
  • And Regain Possession
  • To Attack

Key Factors:

  • Anticipate the point of attack
  • Stay inside the ball initially
  • Maintain depth
  • Communicate your position / options

Coaching Points:

Simon Shaw returns to England's squad

  • Points of attack need to be identified and communicated to all players
  • Frequently play can be at some distance from a player. The player should anticipate where play is moving to and move in that direction. With practice, players will become expert at this. (NB players can support from outside the ball on some occasions)
  • Staying inside the ball initially provides defensive balance should the ball be lost
  • Depth provides the ball carrier with an inside and outside support option as well as allowing time and space to identify and communicate the best option e.g. if there is no inside defender, run into that space and demand the ball.

Common Errors:

  • Too long to get into a support position
  • Too flat
  • No communication nor reading the situation
  • Over running the ball

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Summer CoacHclass

5-Day Residential 'Be Your Best' Academy CoacHclass at SEAE Arborfield with London Wasps and the British Army
30th July 2007 to 3rd August 2007

Under 14s to Under 18s
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3-Day Summer CoacHclass at Aylesbury RFC
14th to 16th August 2007
Under 8s to Under 15s
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3-Day Summer CoacHclass at the London Wasps Training Ground, Twyford Avenue, Acton
21st to 23rd August 2007
Under 8s to Under 15s
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3-Day Summer CoacHclass at High Wycombe RUFC
28th to 30th August 2007
Under 8s to Under 15s
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