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London Wasps Screensaver - Download it for FREE!

Easy to install on your computer, Wasps screensaver will kick in when your computer is idle to show all the best bits of Wasps in action, plus loads of information on your favourite team!

The Wasps Screensaver is unique in that it automatically changes itself behind the scenes, so you can enjoy regularly updated news, match photos and information all through your screensaver - without you having to lift a finger!

See all the action on your screen with the Wasps Screensaver

See all the action on your screen with the Wasps Screensaver

How to Install

Computer Requirements

The Wasps Screensaver has been designed for computers using Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP with a minimum display resolution of 1024x768 pixels.


Ensure you are logged onto your PC with administrative privileges

  • Click the download link/button
  • Select 'Open' or 'Run'
  • Select 'Setup'
  • Read and 'Accept' the terms and conditions and click 'Install'
  • Click 'Finish'

If you use either a proxy server or a firewall, or have any problem with installation, please see the FAQs for instructions.

How do I configure the Wasps Screensaver to work with my firewall(s)?
The Wasps Screensaver operates in the same way as an internet browser, requesting images from an internet website on a regular basis. Your PC's firewall(s) may, by default, require you to give explicit permission to applications to access the internet and hence, may be blocking screensaver updates. To correct this, configure your firewall to allow the application oxigen.exe to communicate with

How do I configure the Wasps Screensaver to work with my proxy server?
Some PCs in large organisations communicate with the internet via a proxy server.
When you install the screensaver you should check your proxy configuration in your browser as follows:

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Select Tools:Internet Options:Connections:LAN Settings
  • If the Proxy Server fields are filled in, make a note of the values
  • Right click on the blue 'O' in your Windows Systray and select Options
  • In the Proxy Server Connection section, enter the same values as you found in your browser.

Will the Wasps Screensaver allow viruses or unwanted third parties onto my PC?
No. The screensaver operates in the same way as an internet browser. It requests images from a server on the internet on a regular basis. The images are not sent to your computer by a server trying to connect to your machine from the internet.

Why do the images not display correctly on my PC?
If the 15-second animated slides do not display correctly on your machine you may need to update your version of Flash Player. Visit for more information.

I have a Wasps Screensaver Desktop Panel appearing on my desktop
The Desktop Panel has been developed to give additional functionality to your Wasps Screensaver. The panel sits on your desktop giving easy access to click and connect with different parts of the Wasps website.

If you find the desktop panel too large or distracting you can edit the size or location of the panel by right-clicking on the blue O in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen, selecting 'Options' and configuring the panel to your own requirements. Once you have adapted the settings save them by clicking the disk in the circle on the bottom right of the Options box.
If you would like to remove the panel altogether, simply follow the steps above but un-tick the 'Enable Panel' box, then save your setting. Next time you switch on your computer your settings will be shown.

If you are still experiencing problems with the installation, please email