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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a Season Ticket Holder in Block M of the Frank Adams. I want to renew but what does this all mean for me?

It means that by renewing you secure the same seat you have always had but you are now an Eton Season Ticket Holder. No major changes but a membership name that you can call your own.

I have a concession Season Ticket in Block E of the old Family Stand. What would it mean if I want to renew the same seat in the now Nexus Stand?

This is one of the main changes. As halfway seats they are among the best at Adams Park carrying a Gold status. There are no longer concessionary seats in this area of the ground. The good news, however, is that as a current Season Ticket Holder we will honour the life of your concession at the price of a Club Season Ticket so you can keep enjoying the seat you have previously held.
New Season Ticket Holders in this area of the ground will purchase under the new prices.

Why is the Family Stand no longer referenced as such?

London Wasps strive for a family-friendly welcome throughout the whole ground, therefore there is no need for a designated
Family Stand, as supporters of all ages can enjoy the same great atmosphere anywhere in the stadium.

What is a Young Adult Season Ticket?

The Young Adult category has been introduced into both the Club and Vespa zones. It offers a more affordable season ticket for
supporters between the age of 21 and 17.

What if I'm 19 years of age and a current Season Ticket Holder in Block C of the Bucks New University Stand? Am I entitled to a Young Adult price?

You are entitled to the Young Adult price but not if you would like to renew the same seat. Block C of the Bucks New University
Stand is within the Eton price zone and the Young Adult Season Ticket is not available within Black, Gold or Eton.

What is the difference between the renewal price and the new price?

The renewal price for Season Ticket Holders has not changed from the 2007/08 season. We are pleased to offer the same price for
all Season Ticket Holders renewing by 5pm, Friday June 27 2008. After this time the new price will apply to all Season Ticket Holders
regardless of whether you're current or new.

If I haven't renewed what will happen to my seat after Friday June 27 2008?

Season Ticket Holders have an exclusive period to renew and seats will be on hold during this time. After 5pm, Friday June 27 2008
your seat will be released for general sale and other supporters will have the opportunity to purchase it.

I am interested in purchasing a Season Ticket for the first time. Can I book before Friday June 27 2008?

You can purchase your Season Ticket as soon as they go on sale, however current Season Ticket Holder seats will be reserved until
after this period. Therefore, you will only be able to access those seats not already held by an existing Season Ticket Holder.

I’m a Season Ticket Holder wishing to move locations. Do I pay the renewal price or the new price if I request to be moved?

As an adult you will be entitled to pay the renewal price in all areas of the ground. If you hold a concessionary season ticket you will be entitled to the concession renewal price in all areas of Adams Park with exception of Block E of the Nexus Stand. Block E is now a Gold priced zone and only those Season Ticket Holders who already hold concessionary tickets will have their concessionary price honoured in this block.

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