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A streamlined Season Ticket and stadium to suit you!

Getting to grips with the new Season Ticket packages on offer has never been easier.

The 2009/10 season will see all seats within a category, no matter where they are located in the stands, priced the same. This means you simply need to pick a package and the seat that suits you! You can even spread the costs with our new payment plan.

With the likely introduction of the new Anglo Welsh competition, the 2009/10 season package will be bustling with up to 17 games* – that’s an extra match on last year’s package, combined with all the added perks, you have never got more out of your Season Ticket.

Great value for money within the best seats in the house is also matched with great savings in the Eton, Club, Vespa and Touchline categories this season, as we strive to offer our most dedicated supporters the best value for money.

Following the developments to Adams Park and our stadium layout last season, the 2009/10 season will see Blocks D and F of the Nexus Stand upgraded from Club to Eton. These seats, located in the thick of the action, reflect the only changes to the stadium plan next season, although we will continue to honour the life of all existing Young Adult Season Tickets in this category.

Great Savings in 2009/10

2009/10 offer supporters a season of great savings at Adams Park!

Whether you are looking for the best seats in the house, a view from the try line, in the thick of the action or the best value, our new pricing scheme which streamlines the stadium, combined with the FANtastic Early Bird and existing Season Ticket Offer price period – means you get more for your money!

With the prospect of an additional game on last years package, up from 16 to 17*, you are already ahead of the game! However, always working to offer you the best value, each Season Ticket category across Adams Park can offer supporters savings next season!

BLACK: Last season supporters purchasing a Black Season Ticket for the first time paid £515. This season take advantage of the Early Bird booking period which runs until the 1st July and you can take home an elite seat for just £495.

GOLD: Just like the Black Season Ticket, its Gold counterpart has dropped its price if you book in the Early Bird period. In 2008/09 new Gold seats were priced at £410 and next season they are down to £395!

ETON: Savings all around the board! Those renewing their seats in Eton or taking advantage of the Early Bird will save £25 – with prices down from £350 to £325. Even you miss the Early Bird offer- last season you would have paid £380 for a new Eaton Season Ticket – in 2009/10 it’s down to just £355!

CLUB: Show your club colours and those who paid top price in Club last season will drop from £316 down to £285 with the Early Bird booking! Even if it’s after this date – a new Club Season Ticket last year stood at £345 and is now down to just £310!

VESPA: Top price holders in Vespa in 2008/09 pocket a tidy £40 saving this season during the existing holder booking and Early Bird period with prices down from £260 to £220. Post Early Bird, you still save a handy tenner with prices down from £260 to £250!

TOUCHLINE: In all Touchline areas supporters can enjoy a price freeze or saving with the cheapest seats priced at £175 in 2008/09 still the same in 2009/10! Those who paid a higher price in Touchline last season – either £186 or £195 – you can also take home the £175 price during the Early Bird booking as part of our efforts to streamline each category. If you miss the Early Bird you still save with the new Touchline Season Ticket price in 2008/09 of £195 down to £185 in 2009/10.

To chose your perfect package click here and see the Adams Park Stadium plan for 2009/10!