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Encouraging the stars of the future in a fun and educational environment

MiniMaulers is to be part of the CoacHclass / Premiership Rugby Academy brand aimed at the pre-school age groups of 2-7. This will introduce Wasps to a new pre-school audience at an early stage in child development and aims to be the start of a seamless pathway through to CoacHclass / Premiership Rugby Academy.

Vision statement: 'Premiership Rugby will encourage the stars of the future to introduce and develop their ABC skills in a fun and educational environment, whilst constantly enhancing their confidence and self esteem as they are encouraged to Be Their Best.'

Vision: To take some of the most qualified and able club community sports coaches to assist in the early year's development of future players, club members and supporters of our brand.

MiniMaulers aims to develop children’s motor skills and will concentrate on the development of the fundamentals of movement, and is designed to increase and develop a child’s physical skills like agility, balance and coordination. Using rugby as the vehicle to drive the sessions, Minimaulers will introduce children to the basic everyday skills of passing, catching and kicking. The sessions will be fun and exciting for children whilst developing and enhancing their self esteem and confidence by being part of a group and developing alongside other children of similar ages.

Sessions will be held at various venues in order to maximise access to the programme and at different times/days of the week to suit the needs of parents/guardians. Ideally 3-4 sessions will be run consecutively for no longer than 45 mins at a time to incorporate all of the different age groups into the programme. It is envisaged that a weekend session will be part of the programme. All MiniMaulers sessions will take place in a safe and child friendly environment using unique kit and up to date session plans. All sessions will be age appropriately structured to the age and development of the children involved.

Qualities of our staff and what separates us from our competitors:

  • Professional & Informative
  • Approachable & Welcoming
  • Understanding & Open
  • Creative & Innovative
  • Imaginative & Fun

We expect our MiniMaulers Programme to commence in 2012. Please contact Dave Larham or telephone 01494 531122 for details.