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Wasps Autograph Policy

The policies below relate to non-profit organisations only. Wasps welcome individuals obtaining players autographs for their own personal collections but these will need to be gained through individual's own endeavours.

If you choose to write to a Wasps player personally and directly, via the club, with a stamped addressed envelope enclosed, it is entirely up to the individual player how he receives and responds to the request.

1. Please submit all autograph requests to Olivia Cox, Wasps, Twyford Avenue Sports Ground, Acton, London, W3 9QA, with a stamped addressed envelope enclosed for the response.

2. Please note that preference is likely to be made to charitable organisations, schools and rugby clubs within the Wasps catchment area, due to the sheer number of requests that we receive.

3. If you are successful with your request you will be notified by Wasps and we then request that you send the agreed merchandise to us to be signed at the next signing session, with a self addressed and pre paid envelope.

4. To preserve the integrity and efficiency of the process, we do not accept requests over the phone. Wasps would also request that you refrain from sending multiple requests to various different departments.

5. Signing sessions will occur approximately once a month, at the discretion of Wasps and depending on the playing and training schedules of the Wasps players. We will always endeavour to have each item signed by the squad of at least 15 first team players.

6. Wasps will only sign current Wasps merchandise and official Wasps Gilbert balls that can be purchased at the Club Shop or online.

7. Any requests for international players autographs should be directed to the player personally and it is up to the individual how he receives and responds to the request.

8. Wasps will endeavour to help as many people as possible but in the event that we are unable to help you with your specific request, there is always an opportunity to ask the players to sign autographs after a Wasps home match. Please call 0870 414 1515 or click here for further information about tickets and the Wasps match day experience.