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Academy Apprenticeship Rugby Programme

The programme is split into three strands as follows:

Rugby Development and Performance

  • Core Skills sessions - techniques and skills required for individual excellence in execution
  • Rugby sessions - game understanding, techniques and skills required for excellence
  • Set piece sessions - ensuring individuals and units have the understanding, techniques and skills required to fulfil their specific positional roles within the game.
  • Captain's run - organises the team to develop team play and game management understanding and execution.
  • Free Training - the content and focus of the session is led by an apprentice, with the support of their peers and/or coaches as they request it.
  • Games - An essential part of development is consistently playing in good quality competitive games.

Training develops technical excellence, and game play encourages learning through performance. To this end we maintain a very strong fixture list featuring other Premiership club apprenticeship schemes such as: Bristol - Filton College, Gloucester - Hartpury College, Saracens - Oaklands College, SWERA - Ivybridge College, SWERA - Truro College and a number of other rugby clubs and schools.

Physical Development

Physical Development and Performance is led by the strength and conditioning and physio teams

Strength and Conditioning is divided into:

  • Power
  • Strength
  • Hypertrophy
  • Conditioning
  • Speed

The physiotherapy department lead on:

  • Athletic Potential Enhancement (A.P.E.) - a series of levels of exercises and activities designed to improve athletic performance i.e. adjust to and make best use of the strength and conditioning gains and also prevent injury by means of improving mechanics, balance, flexibility, coordination etc.
  • Recovery sessions - which are a combination of self massage, body mechanics, flushing body systems by using systems such as ice baths etc.
  • Triage Clinic - Physiotherapy is available throughout the week by simply making an appointment but there is also a specific triage clinic time set aside for post match days.

Knowledge and Understanding

Knowledge and Understanding is covered wherever possible by gaining practical experiences on the pitches. Where this is not possible we will undertake classroom based sessions covering such topics as game understanding, technical and tactical appreciation through reflection, etc. Most are backed by video analysis of the apprentices own performances or by analysis of current elite performers.

The apprentices keep an online logbook up to date with what they do and we video all of the games and a number of training sessions as well as recording the information we receive from them and the advice and feedback that we give back.

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