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Wasps fully supports the principle of equal opportunities and opposes all forms of unlawful or unfair discrimination on the grounds of disability.

The Club operates a concessionary ticketing policy for disabled supporters and will ensure that the scheme does not discriminate between disabled people with differing impairments.

The Club recognises that not all of its facilities are fully accessible to disabled customers and confirms that it is committed to making the necessary reasonable adjustments described by the Disability Discrimination Act and its relevant Codes of Practice to ensure full compliance with the legislation.

Definition of Disability

As a fundamental principle the Disability Discrimination Act states that disabled people should not be treated 'less favourably, without justification'; and 'reasonable adjustments should be made to make goods, facilities and services accessible'. Wasps aim to fully comply with both the provisions and spirit of the Act.

For the purposes of this Policy the definition of a disabled supporter is:

"Any person who, because of their disability or impairment, is unable to use ordinary stand seating without contravening Health and Safety Regulations, Guidelines or Policy or where the club has provided a 'reasonable adjustment' to enable that supporter to attend the venue. Any such person will be considered for use of the 'designated areas' of the stadium in line with the procedures set out in this policy."

A 'reasonable adjustment' in the context shall include (but is not limited to), the need to use a wheelchair, the need to bring a 'personal assistant' for either personal care or safety reasons, or the use of an auxiliary service (e.g. game commentary for visually impaired supporters or 'loop systems' for supporters with sensory impairments).

A 'designated area' is any area (including specific seats around the stadium bowl) that the club shall, in its sole discretion determine as being available for the disabled concessionary ticket price.

A person has a 'disability' if he/she has a physical or mental impairment, which has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on his/her ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities.

Wasps reserves the right to request 'proof of a disability' before issuing any concession. Such proof shall include:

• Receipt of the middle or higher rate of the Disability Living Allowance (mobility or care component).
• Receipt of either the Severe Disablement Allowance or Attendance Allowance

NB Receipt of a Blue badge will not be considered sufficient proof of disability for the concessionary ticket price.

Facilities for Supporters Using Wheelchairs

The club has 28 combined wheelchair / carer positions. These are situated in front of the Frank Adams Stand and the Dreams Stand and available to home and away supporters.

Please call the ticket hotline on 0844 225 2990 for season ticket and ticket prices.

The guidelines show that in keeping with the disability etiquette, disabled people should be charged but a concession is made for their carer. Because of this, we will charge the normal ticket prices for disabled supporters but will admit their carer free of charge.

In conjunction with the proof of disability mentioned above, this concession will only be available to those people who meet the eligibility criteria described below.

• Wheelchair using applicants must be largely confined to a wheelchair, or not capable of walking a distance further than that required to reasonably and safely access any other part of the stadium.
• Wheelchair using applicants should, ideally, also be accompanied by a person who is capable of supporting the disabled person's needs in the event of an emergency. For this reason Wasps strongly recommend that a person is sixteen years of age or over and be capable of assisting the disabled person.

Adams Park Health and Safety policy require that the person using a wheelchair remain in their wheelchair. Any refusal will be deemed to be a contravention of Health and Safety policy and you may be asked to leave the stadium/be declined a ticket.

Facilities for Supporters with Visual Impairments

Eligibility for this concession requires proof of disability as described above or each person can provide a copy of their registration document which certifies they are Registered Blind or Registered Partially Sighted, or provide qualifying documentation from their optician equivalent to registration requirements.

Wasps strongly recommends that each visually impaired person attending a match should be accompanied by a person who is fully able to support their needs in the event of an emergency and is over the age of 16.

Guide Dogs are allowed into the Stadium Bowl but we would recommend that supporters with Guide Dogs contact the club before the match so that we can discuss with them access to the ground, facilities inside the ground and the welfare of the Guide Dog before, during and after the game.

• Visually impaired supporters wishing to sit in areas of the ground other than the designated areas will not be entitled to the disability related 'concession' but subject to Health & Safety issues may be able to do so by purchasing a ticket in the normal manner having notified the Ticket Office of their need for assistance. On arriving at the stadium, they should notify the nearest Steward.
• Visually impaired people wishing to attend a game aided by their Guide Dog should contact the Safety Officer or Stadium Manager for all relevant information. Due deference will be given to all aspects of safety and guidance from Guide Dogs for the Blind to ensure a person’s safety within and around the ground. Measures will also be taken to ensure that the welfare of the Guide-Dog is taken care of.

Consultations with the RNIB has provided the advice needed in creating this policy

Facilities for Supporters with Hearing Impairments

Wasps does not provide a text telephone, minicom system.

• Supporters with impaired hearing can be accommodated in the stadium by various means but it is normally possible for them to use ordinary stand seating. If, for whatever reason, any person with impaired hearing feels that ordinary stand seating would be unsuitable for them, they should contact the Safety Officer for further information. (Please be aware that the normal criteria for ticket purchase applications will apply ' i.e. membership and the possession of vouchers when necessary).
• The introduction of loop equipment to all customer contact points, including the Ticket Office and the Main Reception area is part of an existing development programme. The possibility of introducing an induction loop area within the stadium is being evaluated.
• Sign language is not provided for at the stadium.

On match days information will be carried via the public address system. Should additional assistance be required, please call the club to discuss specific needs.

Consultations with the RNID have taken place to provide the advice and training surrounding this particular generic form of disability.

Facilities for Supporters with Ambulatory Disabilities

Wasps recognise that there are considerable numbers of people in the community who use wheelchairs mainly for outdoor mobility purposes but are not necessarily confined to their wheelchair. There are also many people suffering severe walking difficulties who may wish to watch a match.

For the purposes of this policy and the administration of the concessionary ticketing policy both categories of people will be termed 'ambulatory disabled supporters' and those supporters with ambulatory disabilities of a severe nature will qualify for the concessionary tickets and have access to seating nearest the entrances/exits.

Provision will be in 'designated areas' only and should the individual not wish to sit here, they forfeit the entitlement to a disability related concession. The designated areas will be those seats surrounding the wheelchair platforms.

Eligibility to these areas will be dependent on providing proof of disability (as described above) or will be decided on individual merit based on information provided to the ticket office. This information will assist in determining each individual's suitability for use of the facilities.

Facilities for Supporters with Infirmities

Supporters with physically restricting medical conditions can sometimes have difficulty in reaching seats in some parts of the stadium.

Wasps is conscious of a growing elderly population and wish to consider their needs in order for them to be able to continue watching games whenever possible. With this in mind it is proposed that those elderly people suffering from an infirmity which prevents them climbing large numbers of steps should be able to request a seat in the most accessible part of the stadium (i.e. nearest the entrances/exits). Please advise the ticket office of this request at the time of booking.

Should their infirmity be so severe that they cannot manage more than 1 or 2 steps, they may be entitled to the concession offered for ambulatory disabled supporters (see above).

Facilities for Supporters with Learning Difficulties

Supporters with learning difficulties can normally be accommodated in any part of the stadium in normal seating.

However, if, for whatever reason, any person with a learning difficulty feels that ordinary stand seating would be unsuitable for them, they will be entitled to sit in the disabled concessionary areas and receive the appropriate concession. Please contact the ticket office on 0844 225 2990 for further information.

Family Seating

Wasps recognise that disabled people have families who may wish to attend matches as a family unit in much the same way as non-disabled people would. Wasps will try and accommodate such requests although this may not always be possible.

Please contact the ticket office on 0844 225 2990 for assistance in obtaining tickets as close as possible to the designated areas.

Car Parking Facilities

Wasps would ask that people recognise that there are only a limited number of disabled car parking spaces available and it will not be possible to accommodate everyone who has a Blue Badge.

Please note that Wasps traffic marshals will routinely check that the Blue Badge is being used correctly -failure to comply will result in a refusal to park in these spaces. Link -

Train/Park and Ride Services

Wasps provide FREE Park & Ride and Train & Ride services on a match day from Cressex and the High Wycombe Railway Station respectively.

There is wheelchair access on the single decker buses used on these two routes, with “bowing” access doors at the front to enable easy access and egress from the vehicles. There is only one wheelchair space per single decker bus, and there are only two buses in circulation – one on each route.

Should you like to use this facility, please make your way to the front of the queuing supporters to speak directly to the driver when the single decker bus arrives at the bus stop.

The bus stop at the stadium is located on Lane End Road, at the bottom of Sands Industrial Estate, and is approximately 500yds from the Adams Park stadium entrance. The route to the stadium alone Hillbottom Road is level, paved/coned off to allow safe and easy access and egress for all supporters.

Catering Facilities

Match day catering for disabled people is provided around the ground and dedicated stewards will be happy to assist you at any time.

Kiosks have wheelchair friendly counter points, and the staff on the concession vehicles in the food village will be happy to help wheelchair users’ access the catering facilities required. There are also ramped access to the Wasps Nest covered bar facilities should you wish to enter the marquee.

Disabled Persons Toilets

There are a total of 6 toilets at Adams Park and at least one in the Dreams Stand, Frank Adams Stand and BNU Stand.

If you experience any problems with use of the disabled toilets (or they are being abused), please contact the nearest steward on the day or JP Robinson, Operations Manager, after the match.

Accessible Media

The internet is a useful means of accessing information by disabled people and the Wasps website provides information in a downloadable format. A page on the official London website will be dedicated to information specific to disability matters.

A useful website for disabled supporters to find out about facilities at grounds around the country can be found on the NADS website '

Steward Training

Wasps stewards are trained to NVQ Level 2, 3, or 4, which includes a disability module. Wasps aim to use the same stewards in the disability designated areas as far as possible but due to the use of agency staff, this sometimes cannot happen.

Wasps are investigating the possibility of supplementing the NVQ module by giving additional training generally known as 'Disability Awareness Training' and is usually accompanied by 'Disability Etiquette Training'.

Staff Training

Elements of staff training which relate to 'disability awareness' and 'disability etiquette' have been identified and a training programme will be instituted to ensure that awareness and etiquette are observed. This training programme will be ongoing. Wasps are forcefully committed to developing a 'can do' culture by introducing such training and it will remain the hub to the further development of this policy.


As part of its disability awareness, Wasps will undertake to have the Adams Park Stadium audited annually for accessibility for disabled people. This is a key component of the Disability Discrimination Act.


Every reasonable adjustment is being made to all the services provided by the different departments of Wasps. All department managers and personnel have been made aware and instructed to comply with the provisions of the Disability Discrimination Act. Access to goods and services, as well as match day facilities, are being fully assessed and measures are in place to ensure compliance with all associated legislation.

Wasps openly welcome comments on this policy and would encourage any person to contact the club with their comments or queries via the main office on 01494 472100.