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Academy Apprenticeship Entry Requirements

Candidates for a Wasps Academy Apprenticeship are identified via a combination of nominations, scouting and applications. The selection process for the Academy Apprenticeship has 3 stages:


Acceptance that the candidate has displayed elite levels of performance or shown the potential to reach elite levels. This will be established through scouting or application, references and trials.


Once a candidate has been selected on rugby performance grounds, an interview with the school will ensure the provision of appropriate academic courses.


Once a candidate has been accepted on rugby performance and an academic path has been agreed, a medical is required to ensure fitness to engage in the physical rigours of the apprenticeship.

Please note, it is essential that candidates must also be aged between 16 and 18 and hold a British Passport.

To apply for a Wasps Academy Apprenticeship please contact Martin Unsworth at The Henley College direct by email at requesting an application form specifically for the Wasps AASE programme.

Instructions for return of completed applications will be included on each form.